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Praise for Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s Works - Praise for Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s Works

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Praise for Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s Works
Praise for Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s Works
Praise for Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s Works
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Yuyutsu RD Sharma’s poetry runs clear, tender, and passionate with a rage that often erupts volcanic in the face of the cruelty, despair, and injustice that saddles the disenfranchised poor of the earth. Poems powerful and devastating, yet gentle as flower petals wafting to earth in a summer breeze.

Michael Annis, senior editor, Howling Dog Press, Colorado


This is what Asiaweek has to say of Yuyutsu’s translations of Nepali poetry:

‘… magnificent achievement evoking lives of Nepalese peasants while remaining highly readable…  The reader will come away breathless from these short, wonderfully concentrated poems’


These vivid and readable translations show the poets coming to terms both with political development and with the influence of Western modernism in literature.

­— Allen W. Thrasher,

Library of Congress, Washington DC


Young, versatile energetic, he is rocking and rolling with new impressions...  Yuyutsu’s poetry touches on concerns of global matters, acknowledging that we can never with violence create a Utopia or “construct a gorgeous pagoda from/furious flames/and whistling winds … Such lines capture for me the futility of the Iraq War, which I refuse to dignify with its official title, even more euphemistic and tainted with doublethink than earlier misadventures.  We can’t build even a humble pagoda from furious flames and whistling winds.

 — David Ray, The United States of America


“Yuyutsu R.D. brings to the Indian readers a distinct flavor of the Nepalese landscape and culture, in a sequence of poems that pulsate with needle-sharp images—Equally sensitive is his language that, scrupulously avoids stilted diction-words or phrases. His writing is so densely imagistic that he holds reader’s attention all the way through. Behind plethora of packed images is a genuine concern for the human predicament the trials and tribulations of the destitute everywhere. Hunger is the theme that runs as an under current-hunger that gnaws into the vitals of both humans and animals.”

Shiv K. Kumar in The Hindustan Times


“Something is always happening in Yuyutsu’s poetry.  Like some burning concern for truth, something that, I think, a poem should do. For this, we owe Yuyutsu much.

— Jayanta Mahapatra, Cuttack, India


Yuyutsu has a good eye and a good ear:

The rain stopped in the jungle.

The cicada stopped its chirr.

To have an ear for a sudden silence in unique.

— Keki N. Daruwala in The Hindustan Times


“Yuyutsu’s poetry has long been a part of the Nepalese consciousness: We use his more aphoristic lines as a paradigm of contemporary Nepali political and social changes.”

—The Kathmandu Post


Some Female Yeti is a tribute to the various changing as well as timeless aspects of the Himalayan Kingdom. There is crippling touch of stark and naked reality in these poems. They remind us of the time when women were raped, men were killed and human rights were abused. Yes, some of the poems deal with the democratic upsurge and its aftermath in Nepal.”



“It is an agony ride through the darkness of modern times. The symbols are powerful and disturbing, the metaphors violent.  The female Yeti becomes as icon for man’s sexual angst...  This collection marks an important phase in the poet’s evolution, revealing a more mature poet in terms of symbol, diction and style.  ‘Hitting notes of a secret language of lust’, Yuyutsu has made his poetic presence felt.”

—The Observer


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